Millions warned to stay indoors amid record China heat

 Cities across China are on red alert for heatwaves as tens of millions of people have been warned to stay indoors and record high temperatures have strained energy supplies.   The entire planet has suffered from extreme and deadly heat waves in recent months, from Western Europe in July to India from March to April.   Extreme weather has become more frequent due to climate change and is likely to become more severe as global temperatures continue to rise, scientists say.   China is no exception and is experiencing one of the hottest summers on record.   In the eastern provinces of Zhejiang and Fujian,  mercury peaked at 41 degrees Celsius over the weekend, reaching an all-time high in the two cities.   Residents of areas subject to the red heat warning - mainly concentrated in the southeast and northwest - are being ordered to "cease all outdoor activities" and "pay special attention to fire precautions" , the National Weather Service said in multiple tips over the